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A Grief Observed-C.S. Lewis

This heart-wrenching work from C.S. Lewis was comprised of journal entries the author made in the wake of his wife’s death.  As a passionate Christian author and apologist, Lewis may have been expected to take this tragedy in stride, saying all the right things and burying his grief.  To his credit, he wore his sorrow on his sleeve and reflected on the sheer emptiness that ensues once a loved one is lost.

He says, “It is hard to have patience with people who say, ‘there is no death’ or ‘death doesn’t matter’.  There is death….I look up at the night sky.  Is there anything more certain than that in all those vast times and spaces, if I were allowed to search them, I should nowhere find her face, her voice, her touch?”  He goes on to wrestled with uncertainty over his wife’s fate and grapples with God for His apparent detachment from the situation.  Does God exist?  Is He actually good?  As Lewis says, the evidence would seem to say “no”.

While he does end the book in a steadier place than he began, this is not a neatly packaged self-help book giving people the 12 steps to overcoming grief.  It is an honest, angry, grief-filled example of a man who accepted the reality of his situation and tested his faith and in some ways his God in the process.  I would highly recommend this for anyone, especially for Christians dealing with loss, suffering or doubt.


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