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Hey guys!  The name’s Tyler.  I am a Christ follower, a thinker, a musician and a coffee lover.  Also, wine is divine.  I have a biblical studies degree from Liberty University and have spent several years in volunteer ministry within my local church, primarily as a leader of small group Bible studies.   I am currently co-owner/co-founder of a small coffee roasting company and work full-time at a college in Virginia.  I was born and raised in rural Pennsylvania, and while I often feel like I hate change, I’m realizing I actually have pretty eclectic interests and enjoy learning and trying new things.

Thus, I started a blog, although not without hesitation.  For a long time I’ve felt I had things to say which could benefit others and I guess that finally got the better of me.  Hopefully I won’t be an annoying presence or another clanging voice lost in the mess of the internet, but rather some form of help to you.

The name of the blog comes from Tolkien’s short story Leaf by Niggle, which helped shape my views on greatness, success and my goals in life.  This will be a place where I will discuss various topics within Christianity from theology and philosophy to analyzing books of the Bible.  I will also be giving short reviews on books that I have read, and perhaps the occasional movie review.  I hope this can be informational, thought-provoking and encouraging, whether you are in the Church and are struggling with doubt or uncertainty, a Christian looking for some encouragement, or someone who has no religious affiliation whatsoever, all are welcome.  So let’s talk.

Please email me if you’d like, discussion and respectful disagreement are encouraged.